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Technology transformation is rapidly disrupting the hospitality industry. Work with CONSAP to explore the SMART ways in your Smart Hotel journey.

International visitor arrivals from the Asia-Pacific are projected to grow by 5.5% annually from 2018 to 20231, and Singapore’s tourism is poised for growth, with exciting tourism developments on the horizon.
To ride this growth, the local hotel industry must continue to innovate and transform to seize opportunities and overcome challenges from increased competition, manpower shortage, and changing guest expectations. It is vital for hotels to understand and leverage emerging technologies to augment existing processes, as this will help optimise productivity, enhance service delivery, and ultimately, grow profitability.

Singapore Tourism BoardSmart Hotel Technology Guide 2019

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Greater Personalisation

Through a smart hub, tablet device or other central control point, hotel guests can swiftly make changes to the conditions within the room, e.g. choosing a preferred temperature and lighting level. Through IoT technology, the heating, air conditioning, lights, etc. can then respond and maintain the conditions accordingly.

Technology Transformation

To help hotels to leverage on Smart technologies to transform/improve their daily operations – employees, processes, and overall business growth. It also explores Smart ways to leverage data and enabling technologies to assist sustainability efforts without compromising guests’ experience and comfort.

Improved Sustainability

Improvements to sustainability and energy efficiency within the hotel rooms, with certain devices only being used when they are actually needed. Less energy is wasted and the hotel can even promote this eco-friendliness

Fast & Reliable

Improved ability to anticipate technical issues with devices and make repairs promptly. The use of IoT technology allows the performance of electronic devices to be monitored remotely, providing hotel staff with live information about their operating status.

The Hotel Industry Transformation Map (ITM) has made steady progress in the span of a year, thanks to active participation from our industry and union partners. We strongly encourage hotels to participate in the Hotel ITM's initiatives and push ahead together with us on this journey of transformation to meet guests' evolving needs in an era of change and disruption.

Mr Lionel YeoSTB's Chief Executive

The hotel industry must continue to innovate and transform itself to keep up with emerging trends in businesses and technologies, as well as consumers' changing preferences. At the same time, we must provide a strong value proposition to potential employees, in order to draw in and retain good talent. SHA, together with STB, will work with hotels to raise the industry's standards in these relevant areas.

Mr Albert TeoPresident, SHA

As the hospitality industry moves toward a manpower-lean model, we are witnessing a rise in the number of ‘smart hotels’ in Singapore. In this sector, technology primarily serves as a tool to enhance productivity, improve resource allocation, and replace low value tasks, but never to replace the human touch.

Ian Wilsonsenior vice president of non-gaming operations at industry-leading Marina Bay Sands

In some respects, it is easier to trial and grow these concepts within Asia as new-build hotels can incorporate these products and concepts into the design at a very early stage. Moreover, Millennials grew up with technology and they’re very comfortable with adopting new innovations.

Andrew LangstonExecutive Vice President, JLL Hotels and Hospitality Asia Pacific

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Smart Hotel Technology Guide 2019

International visitor arrivals from the Asia-Pacific are projected to grow by 5.5% annually from 2018 to 20231, and Singapore’s tourism is poised for growth, with…
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