Reception Management

The Reception Management plays a vital role in a hotel, often being the first and last points a guest interacts with during the stay. According to Cornell’s Centre for Hospitality Research, guest satisfaction decreases by 47% once check-in takes more than 5 minutes. Hence the Reception Management needs to find ways to provide a seamless process and experience for hotel guests, to create positive first and last impressions, and converting them into loyal return customers.

Current check-in processes are cumbersome, both for the hotel and the guest. They largely consist of transactional processes including:

  • Authenticating identity of guests via passport verification
  • Validating stay visa
  • Collecting name, passport number and nationality of guests
  • Confirming stay details
  • Collection of pre-authorisation as guarantee for tax and incidentals
  • Programming of key cards


Access Control

Technology-based alternatives like an e-key within the guest’s personal device, facial recognition or beacons to recognise locations, can allow direct access onto designated floors and into guests’ rooms.


Smart Air-Con Lighting, Curtain & TV Control

When guests enter the room of a smart hotel, they that find the settings – from the curtains to the temperature of the room, have all been pre- adjusted according to personal preferences from the Customer Relationship Management system (CRM). Even the colours of the wall and the carpet design have been digitally personalised.

Using the hotel’s mobile app, control of all electronics is literally at the fingertips of the guests. Alternatively, the voice-enabled virtual assistant in the room is able to assist via voice commands.



Through Smart Signaling, Guests’ requests can be conveniently communicated via the mobile app or the voice- enabled virtual assistant. Hotel is able to keep track of all Guests’ requests from the data history, and leverage on data analytics to improve hotel service quality.

Customisable Solutions


Customised solutions to provide a more personalised experience becomes possible, and helps build an exceptional guest experience, that can improving hotel’s brand image and value, and potentially drive higher upselling results.