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Last updated 02 January 2021

CONSAP respects the privacy of users to this Web Site and the Services and our Data Protection Policy applies. This website contains links to other websites. Our Data Protection Policy applies solely to information collected by CONSAP. Please be aware that CONSAP is not and cannot be responsible for the personal data protection practices of other websites.


Respecting your privacy and protecting your personal data

We know that privacy is important to you and we strive to be as open and transparent as possible in how we serve you.

We conduct our business in compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) and have implemented additional measures to protect your personal information.


How we use your information

We will not use your personal data for purposes other than what we have informed you, or which are permitted under local laws and regulations.

We will not offer, publish or share your personal data with third parties outside of the Singtel Group for commercial purposes, without seeking your explicit permission.

We will retain your information for only as long as there is a business or legal need.


Sharing your information

We may share your information with:

  • Companies in the CONSAP Group
  • Business partners and vendors we work with to deliver services you have subscribed to
  • Industry regulators and other government organisations, as required by local laws and regulations
  • Financial institutions for purposes such processing payments
  • Research institutions for market analysis purposes


Your information is disclosed to the above only for relevant purposes.

We will also ensure that overseas organisations we work with observe strict confidentiality and data protection obligations.


Protecting your information

Across the organisation, we have implemented stringent measures to secure and protect personal data.

The specifics of these measures vary, but may include:

  • Safeguards to prevent security breaches in our network and database systems
  • Limits on access to information in our systems and the systems of our business partners and vendors
  • Strict verification processes to prevent unauthorised access to information



Feel free to write to us through our feedback page or contact our Data Protection Officer at


General Information

We may amend or modify this Policy from time to time, such as in response to changes to legislation. We remain committed to safeguarding your information and being open about our data protection practices.


Please note that different or separate data protection policies may apply to specific products and services provided by CONSAP PTE. LTD. Please refer to the terms of use for specific products and services for more information.

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