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Smart Cruise Terminals Automation

Cruise centres are the gateway to amazing getaways. With a large volume of vacationers transiting, Smart technology is necessary to elevate the visitor experience, and optimise the premises.


By integrating Smart systems, CONSAP has teamed up with one of the region’s busiest cruise centres to establish our first Smart cruise platform, which has seen a 90% improved passenger flow.


The platform is equipped with a system that manages passenger queue and flow management. Through the use of Smart sensors and a custom AI build, we are able to achieve real-time monitoring of traffic conditions and passenger flows.


If the check-in queue is slow-moving, our system will automatically send an alert to staff. This allows them to respond swiftly by opening additional counters, deploying more staff, etc. By keeping a close eye on operations, there will not be bottlenecks.


The result is an integrated Smart ecosystem that allows operators to efficiently manage footfall and security, thus providing a pleasant, seamless travel experience for everyone.

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