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Smart Hotels Automation

When it comes to technology, the hospitality sector never sleeps.


By going digital with CONSAP, hotels can now leverage emerging technologies to optimise productivity, and bring an elevated guest experience.


100% contactless check-ins and check-outs will streamline the entire process. This is achieved through safe distancing measures, as well as the implementation of e-keys via guests’ personal device, facial recognition, or beacons that recognise locations.


Guests entering a smart room will be greeted with an environment that’s pre-adjusted to their personal preferences via the Customer Relationship Management system (CRM). From the curtain position and room temperature, to the colours of the wall, all of these can be digitally personalised.


These features are combined on a voice-enabled mobile app, which in turn provides real-time data analytics that help improve hotel service quality.


With CONSAP, hotels can strategically address today’s growing challenges from increased competition, manpower shortage, and guest expectations.

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