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Smart Airports Automation

Air travel is one of the modern world’s greatest miracles. Here at CONSAP, we make sure that the pre- and post-flight experience are just as desirable.


Working with one of the world’s top airports, we have developed a series of digital systems to simplify and improve airport services, leading to a 25% reduction in man-hours.


The implementation of an intelligence kiosk system has also made it easy to move around the airport.


Using video analytics and flight data, we built a computerised trolley allocation system that matches estimated passenger traffic to the supply of trolleys at every gate, so on-ground staff can replenish them beforehand. With this system, no passenger will be left without a baggage trolley.


With our footfall management system, data is collected to perform business intelligence analysis. This provides valuable information on passenger traffic flow throughout the airport, which helps to improve crowd control.


This works synergistically with our queue informative system at arrival hall counters. The traffic flow at each counter is displayed, and the system intelligently directs passengers to the next available counter.


Additionally, the integration of beacon technology with built-in business intelligence has allowed us to create a Smart system that manages taxi queues. This system provides data on taxi queue throughput in/out, stay length, congestion and taxi availability.


Last but not least, our vehicle height monitoring system – equipped with GIS (Geographic Information System) technology, alerts and notifications – will be triggered whenever a vehicle drives into a restricted zone.


With these innovations, operators can leverage on a seamless digital ecosystem to create a world-class travel experience.

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